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tax advisor

Tax Deductions Every Business Owner Must Know

Planning for anything is great and for a stressful topic such as tax, it can be highly effective and save the hard-earned money. With tax season approaching, finding methods to lessen the taxable liability can be of...
washing balls

Laundry Balls: The Eco-Friendly Affordable Alternative to Detergent

Most people use washing powders and detergents to clean their clothes. However, most of these products contain chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment but also the skin and overall health of humans. On top...

Korean Businesses Acting Fast To Stop Coronavirus Spreading From Daegu Epicenter

The coronavirus, now called COVID-19, is forcing some South Korean companies to suspend or scale down operations as the illness threatens to spread from Daegu to other business hubs throughout the country. As the...
Business Buyers

Why 90% Of Potential Business Buyers Fail

The Majority Of Businesses Listed For Sale Are Garbage There are numerous business for sale databases offering thousands of businesses, yet only about one-third of them will ever sell. Most often, these businesses...
Startup Idea

What To Do If Your Startup Idea Already Exists

Chances are there is a solution on the market for what your idea is seeking to solve. The potential of an idea should not be judged by whether there is a competing solution on the market. No...

Why You Need Gladiators In Business And How To Identify Them

What comes to mind when you think of gladiators? You might recall the fierce combatants whose violent battles were entertainment in Ancient Rome. Or you may think of people throughout history who...
business strategy

Why Pivoting Your Business Might Be The Answer

Picture this: You're at the crossroads of your business. You could either keep doing what you've been doing, or you could adjust your approach and possibly recognize new potential. What do you do? In...
national security

How Your Business Can Safeguard Against Deepfakes

“Threats to U.S. national security will expand and diversify in the coming year, driven in part by China and Russia as they respectively compete more intensely with the United States and its traditional allies and partners.”
small business

How AI Can Save A Small Business

It’s a grim statistic: about half of small businesses fail within five years. The main reason is the challenge with cash flows. But technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be a big help. They may even...
Business transparency

Five Reasons Why Transparency Is Good Business

Today, when fact-checking can be accomplished via the internet, it’s a wonder that we’re even talking about the need for transparency. However, transparency remains a buzzword in today’s society — transparency in government (such as sunshine laws),...


How to Survive and Thrive Without a Credit Card

You can swear off credit cards and survive. The ubiquitousness of credit cards makes it difficult to fathom a life without one, but...