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Why Personal Connection Still Matters In Real Estate

From iBuying to proptech, technology has changed the way Americans buy and sell properties. But even in an increasingly digital age, buyers still value personal connection when it comes to real estate transactions. According to the National...
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Why Are Real Estate Agents So Tight-Lipped?

Have you ever asked a real estate agent a question that they refused to answer? Did they keep changing the subject or flat out refuse to give a simple yes or no? Many people have run into...
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How To Make Money In Real Estate When the Fed’s Making Cuts

When you're sitting around the dinner table, conversation is bound to turn to today's economic climate and what the future holds. With the Federal Reserve reducing interest rates for the third time in 2019, the canary in the...
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Should You Invest in Real Estate Instead of Stocks?

When planning to invest, many people find themselves in a dilemma—real estate or stocks? While both are great ways to multiply your capital, I would say from personal experience that investing in real estate is far more...
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Nine Key Skills People In Real Estate Should Possess

The real estate industry can be competitive. Getting started in the field can be intimidating, and even the most confident and seasoned professionals out there must continually hone some core skills to stay relevant. To help...
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Simple Formulas To Grow Your Real Estate Business

One constant truth of real estate sales is a simple one: The sale is made once the relationship is built. But the question is, how do you build these relationships? I can’t give you...


How These Entrepreneurs Have Mastered The Art Of Delegation

Delegating the workload is key to business success/ GETTY ROYALTY FREE Delegating the workload is key to business...