With Belly Bandit, the Caden sisters are making waves in the fashion industry for new and expecting moms. Belly Bandit products – C-Section Recovery Undies, Belly Wraps and Mother Tucker Leggings – provide women with much-needed support for pelvic and back pain before, during and after pregnancy. When launching their business 10 years ago, the Cadens gained a huge celebrity following including Molly Sims, Kourtney Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Rowland, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. The company went from selling 30 units per month to selling over half a million units per year. Belly Bandit products are currently available in over 1,000 retailers and 86 countries, and projected annual revenue in the next five years is $50 million.

Here are Lori Caden’s top six tips for attracting celebrity supporters for your brand:

1)   Make a great product. You can’t attract customers (celebs or not) unless you believe in your product. 

2)   Connect. It’s easier now with social media to reach celebs directly. Don’t be shy about shout outs and product offers.

3)   Generate buzz. Celeb moms are like any other moms: When a product has good buzz, the interest is there. So, use your marketing channels and PR to get the word out about your product. Make it buzzworthy. 

4)   Reach out to celeb stylists. Stylists have access and can get your product into the right hands. 

5)   When all else fails, reach out to agents and managers.

6)   Remember that just one will attract many. We’ve found that our celeb fans share their favorite products with their friends. Securing just one fan has been a great way to get Belly Bandit into the hands of many high-profile mamas. 

Lori Caden was inspired to found Belly Bandit after her own pregnancy. BELLY BANDIT

Lori Caden was inspired to launch Belly Bandit in 2008 after being asked while shopping for cat food at Target when she was “due” – when in fact she was a few weeks postpartum. She went in search of an answer to her body after baby blues and ended up developing the Belly Bandit belly wrap with her sisters. Now, Caden has found her passion in supporting women in feeling their best before, during and after pregnancy. Recently, she has been working with health insurance companies to ensure that some Belly Bandit products are eligible for reimbursement. Next up for the businesswoman is launching a pregnancy skin care line and a new, women-focused company in 2020.

Like most entrepreneurs, Caden finds running a business is not a 9-5 job. The greatest challenge she faces is making time for family and herself. “It’s easy to let work takeover,” she says. However, the positive impact Belly Bandit products have had on women’s lives inspires her to keep giving the company her all. “Our customers tell us that Belly Bandit products make them feel good about themselves and their bodies, and that gives me great satisfaction.” In addition, Bandit partners with The Mama Ladder to offer bi-yearly $5000 grant to moms trying to build their businesses. “For me, this brings it full circle, allowing me to mentor and get inspiration from these amazing women,” Caden explains.

How can other young people tap into their life purpose? “Finding your life purpose can take time, but never stop searching,” says Caden. “Write down three things that you feel you’re really good at and then write down three things you love doing. See how they match up and start your search there. Don’t be afraid to hit some bumps along the way! It’s never too late to pivot, just make sure you know why you’re making the decisions you’re making and don’t be afraid to hit some bumps along the way. They say if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!”

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