When detected early, skin cancer is highly curable! However, you have to pay close attention to your body, especially your moles, to find it at an early stage. You should regularly check our moles for abnormal size, color, or growth. The most critical one of those is growth as a mole that shows new symptoms like scabbing or itching can be a warning sign of melanoma, the most fatal type of skin cancer.

Your dermatologist will check almost all your body parts for skin cancer, including areas between your toes and fingers, but the easiest way to catch it early is by paying attention to your body. Read on to discover 5 skin cancer warning signs that you should not ignore:

1. You Detect a Mo that Does Not Look Like the Other on Your Body

Pay special attention to a mole that does not resemble your other moles, or when it’s the only mole on a specific body part. The ‘ugly duckling’ mole that is not like the others is often the one that causes problems. Even the moles that you’re born with can transform into skin cancer over time.

2. The Dark, Vertical Line on Your Nail

Many people think that they can’t get melanoma in their nail, but this is not true! A dark, vertical line on your nails can be a warning sign of melanoma. It is more common between African-Americans. The line often runs through the length of nails and can be easily confused with a blood blister. Expert dermatologists recommend removing nail polish or any other nail coverings before going in for a routine skin examination.

3. You Got a Pimple that Just Won’t Go Away

Sometime skin cancer may look like a pimple that will not go away. It might disappear but then immediately resurface at the same place. Either of these signs should be examined by an expert dermatologist before the things get out of hand.

4. There is a Mole on Your Foot’s Sole

If there’s a mole on your foot’s sole that’s new or is regularly changing, then you must get it examined by your dermatologist. Many people do not think to inspect the bottom of their feet for any signs of mole, but it is one of the most skin cancer-prone spots.

5. You Have Problems with Your Eyesight

The 2nd-most common kind of melanoma, apart from skin cancer, is of the eyes. It can only be identified during eye examination when the pupils are dilated. Though all the patients won’t have symptoms, those who do will have some problems with their eyesight.


If not treated in time, skin cancer can become life-threatening. That is why it is crucial to pay attention to the warning signs of skin cancer, and when you spot one, you shouldn’t panic or get afraid. Instead, you should reach a skin cancer dermatology center to get your body examined.