For most travelers, a hotel is just a place to sleep. No matter how nice the amenities and design are, these details are often overlooked. It’s about time people start getting to know the space around them and this 214-room property in the heart of Madrid is the perfect place to start.

From the Reina Sofía to the Prado, Spain’s capital city has several of the best art collections the world has ever seen, and it turns out, the VP Plaza España Design hotel should be added added to that list. The newly renovated building opened in March 2018 and has millions of dollars worth of art displayed throughout the building. You never know what you’ll find along the walk from the lobby to your room or the floors leading up to the rooftop.

A look into the art at the VP Plaza España Design hotel. COURTESY OF VP PLAZA ESPAÑA DESIGN

Whether it’s rising local Héléne Bergaz generating buzz or the established Dario Urzay already exhibiting work at the most prestigious museums, there are all kinds of artists being featured on the walls and in the different rooms of the hotel. Scroll through and see the list of artists you should know by name. Maybe these stars will inspire you to take a deep dive into the art at your next round of accommodations.

Pere Gifre

Madrid is surrounded by land on all sides as it’s situated right at the center of the country, but leave it to engineer and sculptor Gifre to bring water to the guests through his massive waterfall piece. The sculpture is right outside many of the rooms making it easy for visitors to enjoy. However, it also extends eight floors up to the bottom of the transparent rooftop pool. Feel free to take a dive and catch the glistening piece of artwork from underwater.

The Great Waterfall sculpture at the VP Plaza España Design hotel. COURTESY OF VP PLAZA ESPAÑA DESIGN

Héléne Bergaz

The young artist from Madrid is making quite the name for herself via her work with plastic. She’s become a dominant force with this unique medium and also hosts workshops to help others master the craft. Moreover, Bergaz has won a number of awards at the Institute of Design Madrid including “Best New Artist.”

Verónica Domingo

This is another young name to remember due to her elevated combination of drawing, painting, film, photography, and installation. In addition to her work being admired in Madrid, Domingo extends her influence overseas as she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Japan, Bulgaria, and other countries around the world.

The VP Plaza España Design hotel’s lobby area. COURTESY OF VP PLAZA ESPAÑA DESIGN

Dario Urzay

The Bilbao native has been creating art for over 30 years. Despite his success, Urzay has the humbling artistic philosophy of making art as accessible to as many people as possible. He has exhibited work in the Reina Sofía, Deutsche Bank Collection in London, and many more.

Jan Hendrix

He was born in the Netherlands and got his big break at only 17 years old when he entered the Royal Academy of Art. Since then, he has been recognized at plenty of international museums and galleries, but Hendrix balances his time with architectural collaboration projects similar to the way he teamed up with the hotel.

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