Startup Idea

What To Do If Your Startup Idea Already Exists

Chances are there is a solution on the market for what your idea is seeking to solve. The potential of an idea should not be judged by whether there is a competing solution on the market. No...
real estate or stocks

Should You Invest in Real Estate Instead of Stocks?

When planning to invest, many people find themselves in a dilemma—real estate or stocks? While both are great ways to multiply your capital, I would say from personal experience that investing in real estate is far more...
real estate industry

Nine Key Skills People In Real Estate Should Possess

The real estate industry can be competitive. Getting started in the field can be intimidating, and even the most confident and seasoned professionals out there must continually hone some core skills to stay relevant. To help...
Real estate broker

Simple Formulas To Grow Your Real Estate Business

One constant truth of real estate sales is a simple one: The sale is made once the relationship is built. But the question is, how do you build these relationships? I can’t give you...
Real estate agent

What To Look For When Choosing Your Real Estate Agent

As real estate becomes an increasingly popular career choice, many regions have thousands and thousands of real estate agents. Whether you're buying or selling, it is important to understand what makes a real estate agent great and...

Why You Need Gladiators In Business And How To Identify Them

What comes to mind when you think of gladiators? You might recall the fierce combatants whose violent battles were entertainment in Ancient Rome. Or you may think of people throughout history who...
mobile technology

The Truth About Mobile Technology

I base my truth about mobile on two things: what customers and industry leaders say and how analysts define leadership in this space. To me, the most telling aspect about mobile is the way enterprises are using mobile solutions to simplify operations,...
Fashion And Compassion

Fashion And Compassion

I met with Sandeep Dalal at The Spur to talk about his new business venture called Choltry, a company helping women of all income levels to uplevel their wardrobe. Sandeep is creating a compassionate lane in the $117B fashion sector.
business strategy

Why Pivoting Your Business Might Be The Answer

Picture this: You're at the crossroads of your business. You could either keep doing what you've been doing, or you could adjust your approach and possibly recognize new potential. What do you do? In...
national security

How Your Business Can Safeguard Against Deepfakes

“Threats to U.S. national security will expand and diversify in the coming year, driven in part by China and Russia as they respectively compete more intensely with the United States and its traditional allies and partners.”