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CCN Casts Doubt on Shutdown Plans as Google Appears to Correct Visibility

Cryptocurrency news outlet CCN.com (formerly CryptoCoinsNews) has U-turned on its abrupt decision to shut down, staff confirmed in an article on June 12. CCN, which on Monday published a warning that it...

George Soros Leads Chorus of Wealthy Calling For A New Wealth Tax

Financier and philanthropist George Soros (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)2017 GETTY IMAGES Billionaire George Soros and members of the Gund and Pritzker families are amongst a number of the world's wealthiest business leaders to have signed a letter calling for...
Vote Coalition

Young People Deserve A Voice In Our Elections. Same Day Registration Can Help

Despite being a full-time political researcher and activist, Charlotte—one of this article’s co-authors—can’t remember where she first registered to vote. Maybe it was at the DMV when she renewed her license; maybe it was at a registration...

Event Cancelations Abound. Impact Of Coronavirus

This is the first time that many events are canceling on a large scale in living memory. Here's a look at how the coronavirus travel bans and health warnings are affecting large public gatherings. Knowing more...


World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus A Global Pandemic

Topline: The World Health Organization on Wednesday declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, sending a message to world leaders that the coronavirus is a fast-moving...
Fashion And Compassion

Fashion And Compassion